About The Association

Founded in 1988 and originally named the Independent Hospitals Association of Ireland (IHAI), the Association has coordinated the representation of private hospitals for nearly 30 years and offered a forum for exchange of information and best practice between members throughout that time. Over recent years it has become increasingly involved in contributing to the formulation of various aspect of Health Policy. In 2016 the Association resolved to change its name to the Private Hospitals Association.


PHA members operate almost one-third of the acute hospitals in Ireland.  We contribute significantly to the provision of high quality, value-for-money health care to the population.

  • We make c1,000,000 bed nights available to the Irish healthcare system each year

  • We provide 1 in every 6 hospital bed in the country

  • We care for c 400,000 patients every year

  • We carry out c 250,000 theatre procedures annually

  • We complete c. 3,000,000 diagnostic tests per annum

  • We undertake c.50% of all heart surgeries and c.65% of all spinal surgeries conducted each year

  • We employ over 8,100 healthcare professionals across Ireland

  • We have a proven track record of investing in leading edge technology/expertise (e.g., PET CT, MRI) so as to deliver best quality care to patients

  • We actively contribute to development of national policies and guidelines through our engagement with the Department of Health and forums such as the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC) and the National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA)