A National Network for Independent Hospitals

We provide a single forum for the private hospital sector, within which issues of common concern can be jointly identified, acted upon and resolved

Welcome To The Private Hospitals Association

We are the Private Hospitals Association – the sole representative organisation for the independently funded hospital sector throughout the island of Ireland, and our  20 member hospitals* are responsible for the care of over 1,000,000 people annually both north and south. 


Operating to the very highest clinical standards and working to internationally accreditation, our members currently provide one in five hospital beds in the Republic and Northern Ireland, equating to 750,000 bed nights across both healthcare systems each year. 


PHA members provide direct employment for 9,500 highly trained staff both here and in Northern Ireland and play a critical role in the delivery of acute and mental health services, accounting for one third of all acute hospitals here. We undertake 300,000 surgical procedures annually including over half of all spinal and cardiac surgeries, and we conduct over 2,000,000 diagnostic tests each year.

What We Do

Quality Healthcare

Promote quality and efficient healthcare for patients of private hospitals in Ireland

Healthcare Management

Assist in the overall improvement of healthcare management and policies through the development and exchange of practices, procedures, innovation

Facilitate Collaboration

Facilitate a collaborative relationship with the publicly funded health system


Create and maintain a climate in which the private hospital sector in Ireland can grow, develop and be competitive nationally and internationally


Foster a greater public, official and political awareness of the nature and working of private hospital sector as an essential and integral part of the fabric of the nation’s hospital infrastructure


Provide a single forum for the private hospital sector, within which issues of common concern can be jointly identified, acted upon and resolved

PHA Conference 2023

Let the Numbers Speak

Patients we care for every year
Diagnostic tests per annum
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Employed healthcare professionals across Ireland
Bed nights available to the Irish healthcare system

Jim Daly

Jim Daly is an accomplished leader with a diverse background in both politics and the healthcare sector. He currently serves as the CEO of the Private Hospitals Association, a position he assumed in May 2022. Before his appointment as CEO, Jim spent an impressive 16 years as a public representative, making significant contributions to the healthcare sector. He began his political career as a Councillor, advocating for better healthcare facilities and services at the local level. His commitment to healthcare issues and outstanding leadership skills led him to be appointed Vice Chair of the HSE Regional Health Forum, where he played a pivotal role in influencing regional health policies and initiatives.


His deep understanding of healthcare challenges and dedication to improving mental health services led to his appointment as the Minister for Mental Health & Older People, where he passionately advocated for better mental health resources and tailored healthcare services for the elderly population. Jim’s unwavering commitment to healthcare reform and his ability to bring diverse stakeholders together made him a respected and influential figure in the pursuit of a stronger, more inclusive healthcare system for Ireland.



With an acute awareness of the challenges faced by the healthcare system, Jim’s expertise was further acknowledged when he was appointed as the Minister for Mental Health & Older People. In this role, he displayed unwavering commitment to enhancing mental health services and advocating for the elderly population’s unique healthcare needs.

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