What We Do

Quality Healthcare

Promote quality and efficient healthcare for patients of private hospitals in Ireland

Healthcare Management

Assist in the overall improvement of healthcare management and policies through the development and exchange of practices, procedures, innovation and other appropriate information among hospital managers, clinicians, policy makers and consumers

Facilitate Collaboration

Facilitate a collaborative relationship with the publicly funded health system


Create and maintain a climate in which the private hospital sector in Ireland can grow, develop and be competitive nationally and internationally


Foster a greater public, official and political awareness of the nature and working of private hospital sector as an essential and integral part of the fabric of the nation’s hospital infrastructure


Provide a single forum for the private hospital sector, within which issues of common concern can be jointly identified, acted upon and resolved

Our contribution

PHA members operate almost one-third of the acute hospitals in Ireland.  We contribute significantly to the provision of high quality, value-for-money health care to the population.

Let the Numbers Speak

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Employed healthcare professionals across Ireland
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