PHA Welcomes Appointment of Laura Magahy As Executive Director of Sláintecare Health Reform Programme

The Private Hospitals Association welcomes the appointment of Laura Magahy as the new executive director of Sláintecare Health Reform programme. We anticipate constructive engagement with Ms. Magahy on how all of the state’s healthcare assets can be utilised to initiate the necessary reforms to deliver the healthcare needs of all citizens.


We anticipate a significant increase in demand for private healthcare arising from the implementation of the Sláintecare recommendations. What’s needed now is a clear and definitive action plan that details the next steps of the principles laid out by the Oireachtas Committee. This will provide confidence and allow private hospitals to plan a long-term investment strategy that will deliver appropriate infrastructure for a reformed health system.


We look forward to engaging with Ms. Magahy on ways a reforming health service can partner with the private system to make expedient progress in treating the more than 700,000 people on waiting lists. We would like to see a multi-annual framework with agreed milestones put in place that can reduce waiting lists and allow for the gradual separation of the two systems.